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Dec 2015
George Stepanek
Dec 26 2015 08:27
Anyone else downloaded the data dump yet? It looks like 5 people have claimed the Back End Development certificate already ...which is quite a feat since some of it isn't even available yet!
Oh, and 37 of the (former) Full Stack certificates, plus 439 Front End certificates...
Dec 26 2015 11:27

Hi @/all,

An important announment by @QuincyLarson:

Is that not great!? Same: Merry Christmas. Enjoy the party and start your Torrents... we are going to have fun... Hope to see you around!

@george-stepanek good you started!
Quincy Larson
Dec 26 2015 15:30
@george-stepanek Yes - people can still technically claim it without completing the API challenges. I'm going to try to get the API challenges up first and update it in the next day or two
Herman Fassett
Dec 26 2015 16:10
output.json -> File is too big to be opened by Notepad++ :P
James Winegar
Dec 26 2015 19:07
@evaristoc, maybe a hack-a-thon involving this dataset?
Herman Fassett
Dec 26 2015 19:39
Ooh that sounds fun
George Stepanek
Dec 26 2015 20:03
@HermanFassett Opens fine in though... :smile:
Herman Fassett
Dec 26 2015 20:04
Ok @george-stepanek :P I've tried every editor on my computer to no avail so that's next
Dec 26 2015 21:06
Does FCC have an API?
Quincy Larson
Dec 26 2015 21:52
@SYFReed We don't have a public API for everything. We do for Camper News.
@SYFReed we plan to create more open APIs in the future, but we thought putting all our data on BitTorrent would be easier and less taxing for our servers
Dec 26 2015 21:53
i don't understand !! what's it ?
Quincy Larson
Dec 26 2015 21:54
@george-stepanek Thanks for telling me about Glogg. This seems really useful! No max file size!
Dec 26 2015 21:54
quincylarson sends brownie points to @george-stepanek :sparkles: :thumbsup: :sparkles:
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