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Dec 2015
George Stepanek
Dec 28 2015 02:14

Some more rough totals for completed challenges, if you're interested. (Still just manual searches, sorry.)

  1. Zipline: Build a Personal Portfolio Webpage -- 4873
  2. Zipline: Build a Random Quote Machine -- 4849
  3. Zipline: Build a Pomodoro Clock -- 2570
  4. Zipline: Build a JavaScript Calculator -- 2003

  5. Zipline: Show the Local Weather -- 2179

  6. Zipline: Use the JSON API -- 1322
  7. Zipline: Stylize Stories on Camper News -- 1180
  8. Zipline: Build a Wikipedia Viewer -- 950
  9. Zipline: Build a Tic Tac Toe Game -- 716
  10. Zipline: Build a Simon Game -- 507
    Claim Your Front End Development Certificate -- 439

  11. Basejump: Build a Voting App -- 111

  12. Basejump: Build a Nightlife Coordination App -- 79
  13. Basejump: Chart the Stock Market -- 66
  14. Basejump: Manage a Book Trading Club -- 51
  15. Basejump: Build a Pinterest Clone -- 48
    Claim Your Full Stack Development Certificate -- 37

Looks like a pretty steep drop-off going into the basejumps! The Pomodoro and challenges also look like significant hurdles -- maybe they need more/better hints?

Herman Fassett
Dec 28 2015 02:15
Dec 28 2015 02:18
It'll be fun to create infographics each quarter when the data is released to see how participation evolves, particularly with the new content
Quincy Larson
Dec 28 2015 03:18
@george-stepanek wow - thanks for that breakdown!
@george-stepanek I’m planning to resequence and simplify some of the Ziplines.
For example, the Twitch challenge will be much easier.
I’m eliminating some of the user stories.
I’m moving the calculator before the pomodoro clock, as many people reported it being comparitively easy
George Stepanek
Dec 28 2015 04:14

@QuincyLarson Yep, my calculator required only 8 lines of javascript... :smile:

Also, yes, the Camper News did seem easier than -- for me, at least.

Quincy Larson
Dec 28 2015 05:18
@george-stepanek Thanks for the feedback
I’ve gotten that impression as well.
George Stepanek
Dec 28 2015 05:24

Also... Bonfire: Sum All Numbers in a Range -- 7611

Looks like a lot of people are skipping the early ziplines to keep going on the bonfires. (That's what I did too.)

Quincy Larson
Dec 28 2015 05:34
@george-stepanek until a few months ago, you only started the Ziplines after you had already completed all of the Ziplines. So that could be the cause of this.
George Stepanek
Dec 28 2015 05:42
@QuincyLarson OK, thanks, that explains it!
Dec 28 2015 05:42
george-stepanek sends brownie points to @quincylarson :sparkles: :thumbsup: :sparkles:
:star: 714 | @quincylarson |
Dec 28 2015 12:22
@george-stepanek can you compare that with the project I did before when not having access to this info?
It would be nice to see if we are going in the right direction about the analyses we are doing...
Juan Martínez
Dec 28 2015 19:10
it's not surprising many people get frustrated on the Twitch zipline; their API is not very friendly
George Stepanek
Dec 28 2015 21:52
@evaristoc Yep, looks similar, although your analysis is more sophisticated than mine. I'm just doing simple text searches on the file... :smile: