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Jan 2016
Jan 06 2016 02:49
Hi, everyone! I think a hackathon like @jameswinegar and @evaristoc suggested for FCC Data Science students would be pretty cool. Maybe instead of having your standard weekend-with-no-sleep hackathon, we could do something like a month-long Kaggle challenge using Kaggle for classrooms or something similar, with data from FCC. For example, we could ask people to try to make a prediction of how many certificates someone will earn, or how long it will take to complete someone's first certificate, or some other such thing, based on data such as how long they have been on FCC, how often they complete challenges, how much they post in gitter, etc. And we can also add a secondary challenge for who has the most interesting and most well-designed data visualization of the dataset, showing any kind of trend they want. Then during the course of the challenge, also stream tutorials on FCC's channel for using all those python libraries and doing data vis and all that jazz. And maybe dedicate a day per week to have data 'hack nights' to all try to work on the dataset and be on the chatroom at the same time.