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Jan 2016
Vikesh Tiwari
Jan 10 2016 01:58
Hackathon is really a good idea. We have large amount of Data it would be very interesting to analyse and see the stats.
I have started interning at Directi, so would be little busy. Please mention me here or PM me for any work or help. I'm always ready to work on FCC data. :D
Jan 10 2016 22:03
@roelver, @dcsan, @abhisekp: about issue by roelver
Jan 10 2016 22:25
regarding limits for Gitter API: status and other subscribers to the issue ^^^^
Abhisek Pattnaik
Jan 10 2016 23:01
@evaristoc what about this workaround? ;)
Like it :+1: :question:
Hate it :-1: :question:
Jan 10 2016 23:14
@abhisekp a bit inefficient, good for a temporary solution...
so mixed feelings?