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Jan 2016
Akshay S Danthi
Jan 11 2016 09:13
@vicky002 which year?
about @vicky002
Jan 11 2016 09:13
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Jan 11 2016 09:42

Hi @/all


DSR (DataScience Room) is an effort to gather campers of all levels and specializations willing to engage in discussion, collaboration and practice of data-related projects with focus on JS and FCC.


First Digest of 2016!

Fantastic last 2 months, the DSR enjoyed an increase of 84% in number of subscribers compared to November last year. Welcome everyone!

Question: who have been playing with the dataset recently? Talk about your results here!

Last 3 Week...:

  • A first commission for the hackaton is in place; the members are @jameswinegar, @jbmartinez and me; we might add members to observe the process and come up with ideas; there are several proposals about how the hackaton could looks like...
  • @george-stepanek already made several analyses on the dataset; OBS: to check the dataset, you may need an editor of some kind able to manage large amount of records: @george-stepanek suggested Glogg
  • Closely following issue #1022 made by @roelver to Gitter about limits imposed on Gitter API, which have been affecting data extraction; it is possible that Gitter will allow unlimited data extraction but pagination will be required

Some Proposals:
--- @SYFReed abouth creating infographics
--- useful links by @AdventureBear (, @carl-parrish (coursera's Data Science course), and @QuincyLarson (a podcast about Kaggle)
--- @quatridunull about ideas for a hackaton, Kaggle style

There are other proposals that we will be working as well...

Additionally, I would like to propose that we, in the DSR, should make small teams to go through different aspects of the data. It is also possible that part of those findings could be suggested to FCC as a part of small articles for Free Code Camp Medium; authorship will be recognised

In the FCC News...:

  • Talking about Kaggle and JavaScript, here one of the Kagglers has produced something in JavaScript for a Kaggle Competition: Clinton's emails, in d3.js... I am a Kaggle follower myself and had fun with a few of the Kaggle challenges (I am sure we can do even better!!!)

... Next Week...:

  • hackaton commission kick-off meeting
  • @vicky002 will be invited to go ahead with one of his proposals
  • re-working an application to follow up Gitter rooms that was started by @andela-bfowotade and me: looking for people who is interested

Wish List:

  • creating small teams to analyse different aspects of the data and come every end of the month, for example, in order to put all our findings together for FCC to check
Jan 11 2016 09:56
@axaysd let us know more about your question?

Hi Everyone:
Correction: increase was not

compared to November last year


since November last year

Sorry about that...

Jan 11 2016 13:09


A MUST for those who are interested in FCC as more than a place to learning JS:
Some thoughts about MOOC future

Akshay S Danthi
Jan 11 2016 14:00
@evaristoc which question ?
Jan 11 2016 14:52
@axaysd sorry... I thought you had one... no worries