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Jan 2016
Vikesh Tiwari
Jan 13 2016 12:02 UTC
thanks bro! :D
Ilya Khadykin
Jan 13 2016 21:00 UTC
hello guys, the question is a little bit off topic, but maybe someone can help me
I'm looking for node.js module for analyzing time series data (machine generated data, CPU load, memory usage that kind of thing). I want to find anomalies or determine trends, do you know something suitable for my case?
James Winegar
Jan 13 2016 22:24 UTC
Just did some searches, might want to look at Gauss?
Ilya Khadykin
Jan 13 2016 23:09 UTC
@jameswinegar yeah, I've also seen it on but wasn't sure trying it, wanted to ask first