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Jan 2016
James Winegar
Jan 14 2016 01:21 UTC
Gauss might be a little heavyweight for what you're looking for, but looks like it has all the bells and whistles necessary
Ilya Khadykin
Jan 14 2016 01:37 UTC
thanks for your suggestion @jameswinegar
Jan 14 2016 01:37 UTC
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Vikesh Tiwari
Jan 14 2016 07:53 UTC
Can we get these Data?
  1. Total How many people got the job through FCC?
  2. Total number of accounts on FCC
  3. Active Accounts
  4. Total Code Submissions Till now
  5. active users by location
  6. Most challenge problem/Bon fire on FCC website
  7. Most active user on FCC
  8. Number of people who are not from CS background
  9. Total number of people who have completed the front-end/back-end of full web course.
  10. Total number of message sent on Gitter main FCC channel and help channel.
This would be very interesting to see.
also many people asked me if it's possible to download save all their FCC code solutions. So Currently I'm working on FCC Code Downloader :D
Luis Felipe López G.
Jan 14 2016 07:57 UTC
@vicky002 If you can wait, check this out: it's just 2K something bonfires but enough to have some code solution data.
The most active users are reflected in the top 100 leaderboard
Some data from the front page:
Established: 456 days ago
Population: 192,949 campers
Completed: 8,857,800 challenges
Vikesh Tiwari
Jan 14 2016 08:00 UTC
@luishendrix92 Thanks .
Jan 14 2016 08:00 UTC
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Vikesh Tiwari
Jan 14 2016 08:01 UTC
I'm creating a FCC code downloader so that users would be download their own code solutions for the future reference.
Jan 14 2016 10:27 UTC

@vicky002 and @luishendrix92 Excellent! I was actually thinking about something a bit more difficult: an automated evaluator of code errors using correct solutions...

Hard: this is machine learning... we could just make a test for two or three of the bonfires...


We can do a proof of concept together...
Jan 14 2016 11:09 UTC
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