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Jan 2016
Rex Schrader
Jan 18 2016 06:12
We average around 100 word descriptions for most Basic Javascript challenges.
Jan 18 2016 10:30
hahahahaha! that's interesting! Show your code, man!
Jan 18 2016 11:46
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Oh!! I deleted it!!! NOOOOOOO!!!!
Jan 18 2016 12:07

Hi @/all


DSR (DataScience Room) is an effort to gather campers of all levels and specializations willing to engage in discussion, collaboration and practice of data-related projects with focus on JS and FCC.


Did you know that...? 100 words are enough for a challenge...

Question: who have been playing with the dataset recently? Talk about your results here!

Last Week...:

  • Hack-Comm met; we worked on a first layout of the project: for more advances you can ask @jbmartinez, @jameswinegar or me
  • @luishendrix92 "Solution Getter"; code available at the data analysis folder of his github: go and fork it!
  • @vicky002 has been also working on a similar but in python: show your code man!
  • we discussed a possible bonfire comparison app, which would re-inforce what is taking place at the CodeReview room

Some Proposals:
--- @vicky002 list

In the FCC News...:

  • I mentioned several reviews about tech trends in online education:


This is to share with you hints that could guide any data analysis on FCC data...

You can also read:

... Next Week...:

  • focusing on the projects already discussed

Wish List:

  • creating small teams to analyse different aspects of the data and come every end of the month, for example, in order to put all our findings together for FCC to check
Rex Schrader
Jan 18 2016 16:04

Word Count Code

var fs = require('fs');

process.argv.slice(2).forEach(function(file) {
  // Read and parse challenge file from the command line
  var data = JSON.parse(fs.readFileSync(file, 'utf8'));

  // Count words in the description
  var wordCount = [];
    wordCount.push([challenge.title, challenge.description.join('\n').trim().replace(/\s+/gi, ' ').split(' ').length ]);

  // Sort array by Word Count, Descending
  wordCount.sort(function(a,b) {
    return b[1] - a[1];

  // Display each Word Count
  var total = 0;
  wordCount.forEach(function(item) {
    total += item[1];
    console.log(item[0] + "\t" + item[1]);
  console.log("Avg:", total / wordCount.length);
Jan 18 2016 16:05
^^^ For those who are interested! Relevant...
Rex Schrader
Jan 18 2016 16:07
I ran that for html/css and the count is a lot lower. ~75 on average, with as low as 16, as high as 160.
Jan 18 2016 16:30
Making those projects public at the FCC News: @SaintPeter and @luishendrix92
Rex Schrader
Jan 18 2016 16:30
@evaristoc Gosh, if I knew I was going to be published, I'd have made better graphics.
Jan 18 2016 16:31