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Jan 2016
Jan 21 2016 10:58
For those interested in viz with tools like d3.js:
I will make this available at FCC News this week
Jan 21 2016 14:00


Who is here interested in TensorFlow? Just looking at the python plug... it seems relatively easy... anyone has tried it?

Other topic we could be working this year:

Remember the topic of this room is NOT ONLY FCC DATA or EDUCATION... you can come with problems in other areas too...
Suzanne Atkinson
Jan 21 2016 17:15
FYI not sue this qualifies as data science, but I'm working on a D3 vis that uses small multiples to look at world championship performances for triathletes. I'll keep you updated
Jan 21 2016 18:44

@AdventureBear I would say yes! DataSci is a term big enough to englobe those type of projects in data visualization too...

For everyone:

I started also a couple of projects at For people interested in how it works, let me know...

Also, to those interested in visualization as an specialization, this could be a sort of benchmark:

James Winegar
Jan 21 2016 18:56
@evaristoc, I wouldn't invest too much into tensorflow for a bit. It is annoying to compile and google has a lot of tendencies to make things hard. If it survives another year or so with reasonable commit rates then I'd work with it more.
Jan 21 2016 19:37
@jameswinegar good point... so which one do you advise? I am using scikit-learn and R libraries but I have the impression that the tensorflow goes a bit beyond that, am I correct? Is there any other in use that worth exploring? For python...
Jan 21 2016 19:50
sort of off topic; however, I'm wondering if the unofficial leader board accounts (in analysis) for users that have their solutions set to private (like myself). Not so much in the 'fun aspect' (i.e., users looking at leader for kicks), but in terms of application (possible and have no idea) to other trending?
Jan 21 2016 19:55
@qmikew1 hi! If you set your account as private no data from you is collected by that tool: it is working as a scrap and only see data available on your personal page...
I think you can test... try the "Solution Getter" by luishendrix92...
It is also a scraper, @qmikew1
Jan 21 2016 19:58
heya, @evaristoc my question is not so much the privacy of solutions (mine or otherwise) but is that subset accounted for in the overall trending (i.e., is a possibly, large chunk of total base being excluded from the analysis (and possibly skewing)
Jan 21 2016 19:59
Good point: no, that trend is not considered... we are not evaluating trends on no available data
But it is indeed a good point, yours