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Jan 2016
Jan 27 2016 21:25

People (@AdventureBear? @mutantspore?):

I may need some advices with this codepen?: times for solving bonfires, Europe regions. Just a quick look suggests that Eastern European are the best in algorithms... (OJO: very approximate!!!!!!!)

Sorry: in Angular... I know, but I haven't have time to properly go through react yet, need more time for that...

I am not very good with html or css neither: advice welcome

I will later comment what would be the final end of this project (this is just the simplest part....)

Jan 27 2016 21:44
Anyone that can help me to solve some small html/css issues with above ^^^ will be more than welcome, really...
Caroline Dikibo
Jan 27 2016 21:59
@evaristoc I'll look at it when I get home