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Jan 2016
Jan 30 2016 11:16

A presentation closer to what I was looking for is in codepen.

I would like to invite the rest of you to modify it and improve it.

There are things that can still be done, for example:

  • The data contains also a "visits" variable (the number of visits counted by Google Analytics during the data time horizon). Showing number of visits could be useful to give some guidance about the reasons why Pairwise bonfire is rated as being solved "faster" than "Spinal Tap", for example. A good way to show the effect of visits is adding the y-axis in a form of a scatter plot BUT to keep the visualization rightly small by distinguishing patterns it would be better to make relevant transformations of the data to segment visits into categories. OBS: still it would be important to consider how to apply those transformations to make the data comparable between regions (desirable, but not required).
  • You can add other statistics. d3js has some statistical functionalities. For example, can we get the average time for all selected challenges? BUT as an option, I would suggest to take in consideration the sample size (ie visits) for that calculation (it won't make the data more accurate in this case though...).
  • There are some outliers in some graphs. I wouldn't eliminate them: I would pack them and indicate they are outliers very much at the end of the x-axis. Can you do that?
  • Other functionalities? A better styling? I will ask @krisgesling to help me with mine, I am consider this project as a collaborative one.
  • Can you change it from angular to react?

The target audience is not only other campers: This information is being shared with the Core Team and with those who are working in the curriculum, so they can have some ideas for possible improvements. We can eventually select the best of the projects (the best presentation AND the best data manipulation possible) as the standard to show this data in the future.

Hope you find this new extra-challenge interesting...

Jan 30 2016 20:21
Found an interesting tool (needed some scriptable utilities- ended up using something else; however...)
csvfix really based on (python3-csvkit) has a csv to json convertor
for you python folks ( @evaristoc - but you probably have already come across this or something similar) --Unrelated to anything--
Jan 30 2016 20:34
@qmikew1 thanks!
Jan 30 2016 20:34
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James Winegar
Jan 30 2016 22:06
@qmikew1 thanks. Can use that for something I've been working on.
Jan 30 2016 22:06
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