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Jan 2016
Jan 31 2016 11:33

Just adding a reference valuable to read for the project "Comparison of bonfires' responses":

This one was what I was looking for actually ... previous post

A matching algo by Shasha et al (1994): (might not be necessary for our case for now... I am planning to optimising one I did for another project by adding other data structures - queues, hash tables...)

Jan 31 2016 13:01

The algo I did was a brute force exhaustive search to explore the advantages of implementing similarity analysis methods to identify help requests in the Gitter post. Shasha et al suggests to reduce the number of comparisons by implementing heuristics. For example, part of the algo includes the implementation of simulated annealing.

Whoever is interested in practicing algorithmic skills is welcome to make proposals and work on improving the comparison method.