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Feb 2016
Feb 05 2016 01:04

@evaristoc maybe the sample (to apply either of what's described below) could be reduced by finding what 'real' progress (not necessarily an average) is -i.e., somebody completes the entire course in a week should raise a flag

--- People:
Who is REALLY interested in (simple!) fraud detection algorithms? There is a possibility that FCC would implement an academic honesty enforcement workflow policy.

---I have suggested similarity analysis, but because an exhaustive comparison could be expensive, it would be better to implement an heuristic. I don't remember which the basic is, I think it had something to do with naive Bayesian, I am not sure.

James Winegar
Feb 05 2016 06:20
I think a lot of issues rely on someone being busy, I think it would be nice for there to be some type of flag on the user profile saying whether they are interested in clearing the whole thing for various reasons, just learning some particulars, etc. I mostly wanted front-end bootstrap and finished that within a few hours of work so looking at my completion rate isn't a good measure of stonewalling. The underlying assumption that "everyone is trying to finish the cirriculum" is flawed in these cases.
@qmikew1: above
However, it should be ran against people submitting for certifications
Feb 05 2016 10:30

@qmikew1 although the core team is managing time of completion as a variable, I also agree with @jameswinegar that time is not necessarily the best measure. Also as he mentions we must be wise when to use these techniques and what for. So far the people who have been claiming certifications have been honest with their work. It is possible that the experiment we are going into is more for making the evaluation more efficient.

@qmikew1 I am adding to @jameswinegar post above that the idea is to keep it simple for the time being, something that allows a first scan under certain circunstances. @ChristianBertram is interested in working on a first approach. If @luishendrix is still interested in making an sketch of a comparison tool, perhaps Christian can join us in preparing the exercise.

Again: it is demonstrative. It is usually how it works: we make a demo, and ask for feedback.