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Feb 2016
Feb 08 2016 15:35

Hi @/all


DSR (DataScience Room) is an effort to gather campers of all levels and specializations willing to engage in discussion, collaboration and practice of data-related projects with focus on JS and FCC.

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  • Question: who have been playing with the dataset recently? Talk about your results here!
  • Remember there is an issue opened with possible projects (#6387); also the @vicky002's list!
  • Those who are interested in mapping techniques or automating data capture should contact @hallaathrad offering help

Last Week...:

  • @qmikew1's opinions about how to use Ubuntu datasets
  • discussion about the applicability of fraud detection for FCC case: is it feasible/worthy? What to do instead?

Who is in? (collaborations?)

  • I am focused on collecting data about bonfires and focusing on making an analysis of difficulty, to provide advise to campers about how to face them; data sources are Gitter chatrooms, Google Analytics; planning a pair of charts for an article at medium...
  • it would be useful if someone can extract specific data from the Torrent dataset for the code comparison project...

In the FCC News...:

Possibly something about fraud detection or similar... not found yet...

... Next Week...:

  • focusing on the projects already discussed in previous weeks

Wish List:

creating small teams to analyse different aspects of the data and come every end of the month, for example, in order to put all our findings together for FCC to check

Feb 08 2016 15:55
For those more interested in Data Science/Data Mining courses:
Feb 08 2016 16:38
As I mentioned before, I am personally exploring the themas in online education analytics while learning some web-dev in FCC. Therefore, I couldn't ignore the following link about a training in Big Data and Education (part of a book):
Feb 08 2016 17:47

Hi people:
I couldn't stop finding material... this time more about Learning Analytics with special attention to Learning Management Systems (or LSMs, the SaaS of the online education, eg Udemy):

And for a more recent one:

The market for APIs with analytical purposes is worth exploring...

Also not long time ago I made available some articles about trends in Online Education, with growth estimations of about 25% the next 5 years, reaching an industry value of about $8 billions by 2018.

I recently found out that here in Amsterdam there is a LSM ( that is looking for developers with experience in angular and, although very much based on RoR, they appreaciate some knowlegde of nodejs... so: for those interested in exploring the sector... The company seems to be going through an interesting moment...