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Feb 2016
Feb 22 2016 06:41
what are all those steps on the D3 diagram? as just a list of numbers, its hard to know what that info means?
Is that analysis of chats or ... ?
Feb 22 2016 10:54

Hi @dcsan:
1) The Sankey diagram, is a test and shows the steps through the curriculum as indicated in the first page of my bl.ocks:

Nodes are named as step + _ + challenge-code.


... represent a step where they solved a challenge of the curriculum.

Steps are the order of the solved challenges. Some people might solve a challenge A at step x while other would solve the same challenge at step y.
Challenge-codes are given in the same bl.ocks page (but unfortunately wrongly formatted in the bl.ocks page).

2) The chart above is an analysis of the Help chatroom and I am making an approximation to requests for help. Those are counts of the name of the function of each challenge. The project assumes that if someone makes a copy of the code of the challenge in the chat it is because the person is looking for help for that challenge most of the time. It also assumes that the name of the function that solves each challenge won't be changed.

Feb 22 2016 11:07
@dcsan I am aware that the Sankey diagram is difficult to follow. It was just a first test. I said it was raw but I think it gives a first idea of the pro's and con's of using the technique and the D3 functionality for this particular problem, which was my original purpose with this exercise.
Feb 22 2016 20:34
For those in US who are interested in Learning Analytics or similar:
The following company is trying to start re-shaping the online education by introducing strategies to help online education platforms (like MOOCs) to gain and retain students. I am providing you a link to their career offers:
Feb 22 2016 20:46

Hi @/everyone


DSR (DataScience Room) is an effort to gather campers of all levels and specializations willing to engage in discussion, collaboration and practice of data-related projects with focus on JS and FCC.

Previous Digest


Last Week...:

  • more about big data in education and Learning Analytics
  • campersites visualization 2 (@samosale's project)
  • working on the Torrent Dataset in python and d3: experimenting with Sankey diagrams to analyse camper's paths
  • working on chatroom analysis: bar charts for help requests about bonfires

Who is in? (collaborations?)

  • ???

In the FCC News...:

  • ???

Next Week...:

  • I will see if I find time to work on one project I like: a code comparison; I decided to test Singular Value Decomposition for this problem - I think it will be ok...
  • studying the implementation of market basket analysis, sequential path mining or similar for analysing student paths
  • preparing a short article for medium about bonfires/algorithms

Wish List:

creating small teams to analyse different aspects of the data and come every end of the month, for example, in order to put all our findings together for FCC to check