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Feb 2016
Feb 25 2016 06:47
How does one become a Data Scientist?
Where are these jobs?
I want to do Data and Data Visualization.
What should I build my skills around?
Feb 25 2016 11:40
Feb 25 2016 11:46
One of my trainers in Data Science claimed that the role of the Data Scientist is to design/create Products and Services based on Data. You can understand the difference of what my trainer said if you assume that the Data Scientist is the Architect in comparing Architects and Engineers roles. But that was his opinion.
Aleksandar B.
Feb 25 2016 23:45
I fetched data from 443 FCC Facebook groups using Fcebook Api. I don't know why, but having some problems for the rest (500) of the Facebook groups. Anyway, here is the visualisation of FCC facebook groups sorted by members count using Three.js(webgl-globe)