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Feb 2016
Feb 28 2016 20:42



DSR (DataScience Room) is an effort to gather campers of all levels and specializations willing to engage in discussion, collaboration and practice of data-related projects with focus on JS and FCC.

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Last Week...:

  • campersites visualization in 3D (@samosale's project's saga)
  • few links about topics in Open Source, as well as the dark side of some online education platforms
  • I have been working in an article for medium

Who is in? (collaborations?)


In the WWW...:

Feeling more confident with basic D3js, it is time for me to get into the last "A" of my "DABDA" emotional pathway, shake off all the hangover left after hours trying to understand angular 1.3, and get into a new world: I will be trying to introduce reactjs in my code in the next months.

It is why I am sharing the following with you:

  • A particularly interesting introduction of working with D3 and react
    One interesting remark by the author:

    I think that using React and D3.js together makes sense because they share a common philosophy of "give me a set of data, tell me how it should be rendered, and I'll figure out which parts of the DOM to update for you". Indeed, React has its virtual DOM diffs, and D3.js has its update selections, making both quite efficient in the business of keeping the UI in sync with data changes.

  • However, other professionals question the ways react and d3 should be coupled, and are more about suggesting the Right Way.
    An interesting remark by the author:

    If you give an element React created to D3 and say “hey, D3, set the width to 100, thanks” it’ll happily oblige. Then React will notice and get pretty upset that you went behind its back and messed with its perfectly reconciled DOM. This isn’t great, as you can imagine.

  • I am personally letting Threejs for later but it will come... Meanwhile, check @samosale's first effort if you haven't done it

Next Week...:

  • I will see if I find time to work on one project I like: a code comparison; I decided to test Singular Value Decomposition for this problem - I think it will be ok...
  • studying the implementation of affinity/association mining, sequential path mining or similar for analysing student paths?

Wish List:

creating small teams to analyse different aspects of the data and come every end of the month, for example, in order to put all our findings together for FCC to check

Feb 28 2016 20:42

welcome to FreeCodeCamp @evaristoc!