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Feb 2016
Feb 29 2016 04:07 UTC
@evaristoc nice to see this place has flourished
@evaristoc also funny that you were initially a bit worried about time and now you've jumped in full stride into the Machine Learning and Visualization piece of it.
Feb 29 2016 10:11 UTC
@Lightwaves Great to see you around! You and the rest of the original team ("4" is a great number)!
Feb 29 2016 11:09 UTC


A very simple but nice effort that I had to share with you:

Does anyone interested in finding the data and trying a 3D?

Feb 29 2016 12:05 UTC

Actually when I started with my first (and still unfinished...) ziplines/front-end projects, one of my interests was to develop a weather project where Climate Change was on the spot:

I know: it is horrible...
Anyway: I am busy with other things now but if any of you is interested in working on improving the waqi site (link given above) by for example including some 3D etc, JUST LET ME KNOW!

Rex Schrader
Feb 29 2016 17:36 UTC

Possible Analysis Idea

"Algorithm Solution Similarity"


Determine how common various types of solutions to the Algorithm Challenges are.


  • Create a list of Javascript Keywords (IE: for, if, while, etc)
  • Run each solution through an "uglifier/minmifier" which will change all variable names to generic names and remove comments.
  • Scan each solution for the js keywords. Keep a count of each keyword, creating a "signature" for that solution. IE:
    function palindrome(str) {
      str = str.replace(/\W|_/g, '').toLowerCase();
      var revStr = str.split('').reverse().join('');
      return revStr === str;
    translates to:
    "replace": 1,
    "var": 1,
    "split": 1,
    "reverse": 1,
    "join": 1
  • Output these signatures in a standard fashion so they can be easily/quickly compared
  • Create histogram of signatures


Break out functions/keywords by high level type (IE: keyword, string function, array function, functional programming)

Feb 29 2016 20:33 UTC
@SaintPeter Thanks!
Feb 29 2016 20:33 UTC
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