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Mar 2016
Mar 11 2016 13:06
@darwinrc thanks for the link of dataquest --- hmmm: happy to say I have covered most of the topics already :)
Mar 11 2016 13:06
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Mar 11 2016 13:36

@darwinrc: Anyway: agree with @Lightwaves the online course you really have to take is definitively the Ng's ML course in coursera.

I am really curious about the edX course too... It seems more like a general information course but still sounds good...

Regarding IoT: Here in Europe is gaining momentum and there are several start-ups as well as root movements with a focus on applications to solve social issues. What about Colombia? Projects that you know? A quick view suggests that in Colombia it is still just an academic topic. Am I wrong?

@Lightwaves : it sounds discouraging, yes. And I partially agree with author. My opinion is that some positions will come up where knowing just a fraction will be enough to give you a chance, specially if combined with other skills and knowledge.

And yes: specially Scala is becoming really popular. Java is already popular: all Hadoop and family is build on Java.

Darwin RC
Mar 11 2016 17:49
@evaristoc I'm glad to be taking Ng's course then. The edX, as you say is more informative and kind of low quality, in fact, I had paid for the certificate but given the low quality of the former ones I asked for a refund. I recommend to take a look at it but not to pay for the certificate (even if you won't get the xseries, which I was aiming to). Regarding your question about Colombia, this year, the first university will offer a MsC program in information engineering (aka data science) and there is an open data government initiative in course. However, the field is still in its inception stage.
Mar 11 2016 23:05
That's very interesting news