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Mar 2016
Miguel Ben
Mar 15 2016 17:51
I'm taking a DataScience course in college
and i know about the resources / links previously posted but
if you know about whatever that could help me learn/improve the ropes in these topics
which is course in python (maplotlib, regex, scip,numpy, basemap..etc)
even basic code example to read will be highly appreciated
the book we are using can be found for free online
data science from scratch
Christian Bertram
Mar 15 2016 21:00
Hello everyone!
I am participating in a programming (informatics) competetion, for gymnasium students, which is really fun. Round 2 is over now, and I got the permision to share the challenges and maybe more importantly the test cases with you.
It's just 3 challenges, the first of which is almost trivial. I have no idea how hard you will think they are, but they are probably going to be really easy for some, while others might find them more interesting :)
They have been friendly enough to keep up a testserver for everyone (source code has to be in Java, C, C++ or some other old language though - no javascript). On the server your program will be tested against around 10 test cases, but the most interesting thing, is the timelimit of 1 sec :) You just need to create a user to get going.
You can see the challenges and submit answers (as many times as you want) at . This is in danish, but I think you'll be able to navigate the page (When in doubt you are welcome to ask me). The only challenge written in english is the one named "Clocks" if you want the one named "Supermarked" I can translate it (just ask me).
Have fun!
Christian Bertram
Mar 15 2016 21:07

For the sign up page in danish i have a quit translation xD
Tilmeld DDD button: Sign up
Navn field: Name
Klassetrin field: grade (like I'm in 8. grade - not gymnasium mwahahah), just tell them in Gymnasium / skole if you're past gymnasium, even though I don't think they look at it
Kode field: Password
Gentag Kode field: repeat password
Tilmeld field: sign up

You need to sign up for DDD 2. round which is the danish competition, but the 2. round is over (and the test server is a new one, made for other people) so you are not actually signing up for any competition ;)

Mar 15 2016 21:12
I've been working through Data Science from Scratch as well, @Mius00. Great book!
Miguel Ben
Mar 15 2016 22:51
@cmpn253 it even has the code in github
can't complain.