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Mar 2016
Alice Jiang
Mar 26 2016 00:06 UTC
@samosale I have a question or two about the D3 spinning globe viz when you have a second :)
Miguel Ben
Mar 26 2016 04:43 UTC
need help here.
Im in a google hackathon right now.
need to pitch some ideas
any suggestions here will be welcomed
we were about to do an mentor/mentoree tinder like app
.... no more
Pramod Venkataramanan
Mar 26 2016 05:50 UTC
Hello People, I am interested in Data Science. Thought of joining this chat room and started to learn stuffs from the basics..
Aleksandar B.
Mar 26 2016 06:41 UTC
@alicejiang1 i am here
Mar 26 2016 06:44 UTC
hello @gpramvr
Mar 26 2016 11:09 UTC

@Mius00 interesting! mentor/mentoree is still to broad. I would suggest to specify:

  • the field (eg. programming? life change? business administration? k-12 education level?...)
  • the target user and demographics
  • the market (eg. mentoring people in Africa or other less developed countries?)
  • the time you think the mentoring is required for completing the task (eg. a short conversation? a long term relation that require follow up?)

Try to create personas and then define your user stories based on that.

IMO: Making the basic implementation will be some kind of standard: the app will succeed because of the details, utility, and its capacity to gain target users...

Miguel Ben
Mar 26 2016 12:28 UTC
the ios app is kinda finsh
we encounted a slight problem with the web side of the team
lack of communication~~~
Mar 26 2016 12:34 UTC
@Mius00 good luck!!!
Alice Jiang
Mar 26 2016 17:25 UTC
@samosale ahhhhh I just woke up amd don't remember my questions. I'll DM you when I am more awake and remember
Abhisek Pattnaik
Mar 26 2016 17:42 UTC
Is there any module which could send anon stats to server(google analytics or something else) of the function call count and other such measurements?
Mar 26 2016 21:14 UTC
@abhisekp for what exactly, if I may ask?