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Mar 2016
Jose E. Pimentel
Mar 30 2016 00:45

@QuincyLarson (sorry for the wall of text)

Do you want to...
I think something among the lines "which would you prefer" would be a bit clearer that it's a "choose the one you want most" instead of a multiple choice (sort of like Which of these jobs are you most interested in?)

Would you prefer to work...
Currently it asks either from home or in an office, I think it might help to have a "no preference" option, as someone might skip answering this question because they don't have a preference for working either from home/office.

Which types of in-person coding events have you attended?
I suggest adding an option for none, currently a respondent might "other" for "none" and you'll have more data to manually comb. If they don't select any options, it'll be unclear if they are responding that they haven't been to events, or if they decided to decline answering the question.
What was the main subject you studied in university?
Majors not in the list aren't being accepted as inputs, (Industrial Engineering was not in the list, though I was able to continue by setting it as "Engineering")

Quincy Larson
Mar 30 2016 07:07
@jedpimentel awesome - I made all of the changes you suggested, except the last one. Typeform does not allow you to have a select box and also accept "other" for some reason. It's an annoying limitation. I've added industrial engineering to the list, though.
Mar 30 2016 10:36


For those interested in practising Statistics as well as Viz using the Survey Data:

If anyone is interested in working on the survey results, my idea is to make few SIMPLE statistical analyses on the survey and present the data to other campers using online technologies.

To analyse the data, I think we should keep it REALLY simple so I believe that JS would be enough. Those who want to get fancy, just make proposals.

For the Viz I am thinking that an appropriate tool could be dc.js or any similar library easier than d3.js (NOT d3js) that allows cross-references between charts.

Let me know who is interested? Better if we make a small team...

Christian Bertram
Mar 30 2016 14:32
@QuincyLarson Sorry I'm late on this, but I can't complete the survey, since the question "Which language do you you speak at home with your family?" currently cannot be answered with Danish