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May 2016
Jason Boxman
May 11 2016 01:08 UTC
@krisgesling Yeah I've never even been to reddit
Finished all the D3 challenges; May have time to look at this soon
How's the data cleanup progressing?
Sam Aiken
May 11 2016 01:37 UTC
@jboxman the first dataset is already cleaned but not pushed yet.
Jason Boxman
May 11 2016 03:04 UTC
Quincy Larson
May 11 2016 05:39 UTC

/@all Hey everyone, quick update on the 2016 New Coders Survey.

@sarony just showed me the website she's built to host our visualizations, and it looks beautiful.

We would like to converge on a few key visualizations that we're going to use to illustrate the various relationships in the dataset.

The map library that @krisgesling used on her visualization looks great - to the extent possible, other map-related info should use the same geo she used for consistency. It would probably be best to fork her Pen and and work from there.

For all the bar charts displayed here ( we will want to create our own D3 versions so we can scale and color them appropriately. Saron and I were thinking for the true/false type questions, we could show a single bar with different colors for yes and no. Would anyone like to design one or find a good one we can use for these? For reference, here's what they look like currently (they're static images):

@erictleung is still working to clean and combine all the data. In the meantime, most of the basic demographic questions are answered in full on part two of the survey ( if you want to focus on building visualizations around that.

Thank you for all your hard work on this. This will most likely be noteworthy (Tech crunch wrote an article teasing this website that we're building around the results) so it should be good professional exposure for all involved, and great practice with manipulating and visualizing data.

If anyone has questions, you can always contact me or @evaristoc directly, but I urge you to ask here so all can benefit from your question. Happy data time!

May 11 2016 05:39 UTC
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May 11 2016 13:31 UTC


If you don't know the Big Think series, here just one of the deliveries...
Zac Cassini
May 11 2016 15:11 UTC
@evaristoc Funny I jsut watched that video again this weekend.