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May 2016
Quincy Larson
May 15 2016 06:39
@SamAI-Software Cool - I dig the visualization. Good work finding these interesting insights!
May 15 2016 10:14



DSR (DataScience Room) is an effort to gather campers of all levels and specializations willing to engage in discussion, collaboration and practice of data-related projects, with preference for using FCC data.
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This week we continued working on the Survey 2016. @krisgesling made a first final draft of the map for Gender/Ethnicity. Other people in the room showed interest in working some visualizations. @SamAI-Software has been helping to organise the visualizations and hightlighted a few trends from the data. @erictleung is still working a final clean dataset (remember that the current dataset can be used though). @SamAI-Software and me are helping @erictleung with his work.

For those interested in working on the Survey 2016 dataset, please keep checking the repo and these links:

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AyanGhatak, qmikew1, SamAI-Software, jacobbogers, profoundhub, ITme2015, jboxman, zcassini, evaristoc, krisgesling, Areef1991, QuincyLarson, erictleung, akash-goswami, koustuvsinha

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Sam Aiken
May 15 2016 10:53
@evaristoc very interesting full digest :+1:
Sam Aiken
May 15 2016 11:08

Would you prefer to work for a startup, start your own business, work for a multinational corporation, work for a medium-sized company or freelance?

  • Almost 90% of respondents who code for less than 1 year have preferences about their job, while most of coders (76%) with 5+ years of programming experience are ready to work in a company of any size and even freelance or start their own business.


Please, feel free to correct my English!
May 15 2016 11:24
@SamAI-Software can you please add legend for the grey area? If NA, I think it would be better to get rid of it, specially for the last one... BUT then keep it around, in case someone more statistically-minded want to approach your results...
Ah! I love gplot...
May 15 2016 11:35


Are you planning to work on those viz in d3.js? If you think you need help, can you find someone here who can join you to make those gplots into D3? I think there is even a d3-based library that use similar styling...

Does anyone in the room can suggest something?

Sam Aiken
May 15 2016 13:08
@evaristoc yeah, grey is exactly for NA, sorry for no legend. But if I get rid of NA, then we cannot see how many people don't have any preferences (because survey didn't have answer "no preference"), so I keep it for this purpose
Sam Aiken
May 15 2016 13:15

Are you planning to work on those viz in d3.js?

Yes, for sure! But first I want to explore all data and find some interesting things

May 15 2016 14:22


Nice work and nice that you are going to work on this with d3!!

About the chart... I cannot really visualize the proportions per category, specially for the least represented category. Could you find a better representation?

I would suggest a similar effect as that one made by @krisgesling:

  • the bar chart showing the differences between the TOTALS of each category, not the proportions of "prefered job", and including the NA's. The effect of NA per category was easily perceived and probably the most "shocking" result in the previous chart.
  • add 3 pie charts as companions, each representing the categories you identified and and use them to showing the proportions per segment taking complete responses only (not to include NA information).

It would be interesting to find out why the longer time programming the lower the chance that the respondent answered that question... I think it is because they already have a job??

They are only suggestions, @SamAI-Software... No need to implement them.... it would be nice to see it though...

About your previous chart (about working as a software developer): could you just substitute the legend 0-1 by "No/Yes"? Those results are interesting too...

Nice job!!
Jacob Bogers
May 15 2016 23:08
anyone want to study multilinear algebra with me?