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May 2016
Sam Aiken
May 19 2016 00:26
@evaristoc Trump's viz are great :+1:
May 19 2016 08:46
Yeah so's Trumps Lego man hair
I think I'm going to call Trump Lego man from now on
May 19 2016 11:33

For only people who filled the "Other" option, what for Podcasts did they report "more useful" according to their Months Programming?

  • The analysis of this group suggests that those who claimed to know other Podcasts when having few months programming still preferred CodeNewbie as main option barely reporting other not listed podcasts. However, the more the months programming the lesser the prevalence of podcast like CodeNewbie. In particular, the reported "usefulness" is more balanced between CodeNewbie, JSJabber and ChangeLog.
  • Additionally "Veterans' taste" for podcasts seemed to spread between podcasts with a more technical content.
  • We cannot argue about the reasons why some of the podcasts were rejected, which could include content or even disliking the presenters.
  • OBSERVATION: The question about Podcasts was plagued with biases, so it must be looked at cautiously.
Podcast's by value:
1 PodcastCodeNewbie
2 PodcastJSJabber
3 PodcastChangeLog
4 PodcastShopTalk
5 PodcastRubyRogues
6 PodcastDeveloperTea
7 PodcastSEDaily
8 PodcastTalkPython
9 PodcastProgrammingThrowDown
10 PodcastJsAir
11 PodcastHanselminutes
12 PodcastDotNetRocks
13 PodcastCodingBlocks
14 PodcastWebAhead
15 PodcastNone
16 PodcastOther
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May 19 2016 11:39
Jacob Bogers
May 19 2016 12:00
May 19 2016 13:11
Good morning everyone
May 19 2016 13:34


This is my first draft to show the results above, but with d3.js and interactively.

I am combining two hacks: one for the dashboard and interaction between charts and the other as an effort to introduce a nice responsive behaviour for the chart.

Believe me when I say that combining two different codes could be challenging, particularly because d3.js was born before the focus on responsiveness was around. Additionally, understanding the value passing between functions when interactive programming is not intuitive at all...

The data is still incorrectly introduced but that is not going to pose a big challenge.

If anyone think can give me a hand improving the chart's responsive behaviour, particularly how to implement a responsive behaviour for the pie similar to that one I am implementing for the bar chart, that will be REALLY appreciated...

Sam Aiken
May 19 2016 13:36

@evaristoc that's a good one! :+1: :+1: :+1:

On hover you can also show the full name of a podcast in a yellow box, because most people don't know all podcasts just by short names like DvTea

May 19 2016 13:42
Yes, I thought about that already, thanks!
The labels under the x-axis should also disappear when the screen is small, so I need to report the name of the column somewhere else, I am thinking on top of the legend.
If I am lucky and have time I would introduce some elements of metaphoric design by changing the background according too the device, but that is more in my wish-list...
May 19 2016 13:47
People see you around!
Sam Aiken
May 19 2016 13:48
Btw, are you planning to use more FCC's green colors? Just wonder
Also about hover. I can hover on the pie chart and the graphic will be changed accordingly - that's cool feature! :+1:
But I think it would be also good to do the same for hover on text or colors at the legend
May 19 2016 13:50
No really...
C u!
Sam Aiken
May 19 2016 13:51
I mean here
C u and enjoy ur day! :) Good viz even if it's a draft yet! :+1:
Sherwin Marcelle
May 19 2016 14:52
Morning?evening or Goodnight all
I need some help with this
Add a <i class="fa fa-paper-plane"></i> within your submit button element.
Eric Leung
May 19 2016 15:22
@s-marcelle good morning! For coding help I would visit to ask questions. Good luck!
Sherwin Marcelle
May 19 2016 17:20
@erictleung i figured it out
thanks alot man
May 19 2016 19:31


For those few who might be interested in growing at D3.js...

A couple of links:

  • When working on my d3.js viz about the survey data I found an interesting code structure in one of the hacks I was using. I later discovered it is commonly known between d3.js programmers as the reusable chart pattern. It is what Mike Bostock (d3.js creator) used for most of the d3.js core code as well as the traditional way to code interconnectivity between charts, although not the only one. Couple of references about the reusable chart pattern:
  • Then I found a really nice and active twitter hashtag to follow some last designs using d3.js: #d3brokeandmadeart. Really nice!