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May 2016
Eric Leung
May 22 2016 01:46
@evaristoc history can really make things we take for granted today more exciting :smile:
May 22 2016 06:56
Guys check this out: , predict survival rates for the titanic with Excel.
Who else is in?!
Give me a headsup, that's one of the things I'm gunna do when I finish the school semester
May 22 2016 09:04

@Evaderei typical exercise! Nice introduction, I absolutely invite you to try. Random Forest is very robust, that's the reason

The only thing is: the 90% of us who participated in kaggle have tried Random Forest without really understanding what other methods can do, or the need of feature creation/transformation. It is essential to investigate more about that and other methods and aspects of the analysis cycle.


May 22 2016 09:16
@gitdek :+1: !!!
@erictleung :) indeed!
Sam Aiken
May 22 2016 10:13
May 22 2016 10:35



The Survey 2016 dataset is available!!!

This week we did more work on the Survey 2016 and started working on the final dataset (@erictleung and co.), with reports by @SamAI-Software and me (@evaristoc). Some draft for visualizations in d3.js were also discussed. Because the purpose is using d3.js for the project, we were also collecting references about d3.js: best practices, usual programming patterns, and examples, just to get inspired.

The analyses of the dataset have been carried out using R, but other tools are welcome.

For those with an interest in Machine Learning, @zcassini and other people have been providing links about free-access books and courses about the topic, and discussed things like Support Vector Machines, kaggle, Multivariate Statistics with some mention of Linear as well as Multilinear Algebra.

If you want to contribute with visualizations about the Survey 2016 dataset, please keep checking the repo and this list:

Something more about the Week...

  • Some HotWords: mathematics, d3.js, survey, visualizations, respondents, svm, multivariate, packt

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May 22 2016 10:42
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Sam Aiken
May 22 2016 11:09
Today's free eBook (12 hours more) is an intro to R
Jacob Bogers
May 22 2016 17:42
@gitdek you are not allowed to post bootleg links in chat
we all know where to get them anyway (library gen)