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May 2016
Jacob Bogers
May 25 2016 01:59
I wonder if there are statistics libraries for JS like R has or scipy has
Koustuv Sinha
May 25 2016 05:10
@erictleung that was hilarious! :D
Koustuv Sinha
May 25 2016 05:39
Was listening to a podcast by Partially Derivative, and found a company called Qntfy working on Improving Mental Health & Suicide prevention with the help of social data. The CEO discusses the challenges of acquiring the data, privacy, lack of awareness regarding suicide prevention among researchers, how they are tackling the issue etc. Quite innovative and direct result based approach on Data Science!
Emil Aasa
May 25 2016 06:46
@jacobbogers nothing near as complete as the R or Python ecosystems I don't think.
May 25 2016 06:49

@darwinrc Shame on you! :) Don't worry... just check the link to the MIT, I am sure it will clarify a lot of things. This is the best approach: if we can understand how the method works, there is a bigger chance that we can use it better. Let me know if you are going to make time for some of those courses and we can discuss them here?

@koustuvsinha @erictleung Excellent links!!! The Joel Grus's: :) :) :)

@jacobbogers Saw your message in the Main Room and found Quincy's answer. Can you please share with us what do you have in mind?
Jacob Bogers
May 25 2016 07:08
@evaristoc, let me come back to you on this one,
I am finishing up Simon game)
May 25 2016 07:29
@jacobbogers :+1: Good luck with that one! Saw your other pens... good work! I have done just one, not that nice...
May 25 2016 07:43
@jacobbogers particularly loved your tic tac because it let me win...
Quincy Larson
May 25 2016 07:55
Good morning, @evaristoc How is the data visualization project coming along? I saw FreeCodeCamp/2016-new-coder-survey#40
Sam Aiken
May 25 2016 08:31
@QuincyLarson this one is about visualizations - FreeCodeCamp/2016-new-coder-survey#41
Jacob Bogers
May 25 2016 14:28
@evaristoc the tic tac, toe is not super smart, but it will do obvious moves to win or block you.
Jacob Bogers
May 25 2016 14:33
for my pens @evaristoc thanks , i try to push my own limits on every project
May 25 2016 14:37
jacobbogers sends brownie points to @evaristoc :sparkles: :thumbsup: :sparkles:
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Jacob Bogers
May 25 2016 14:51
simon is going to have an old style retro display with retro fonts
fonts are dont in css, its not a real font
Just finished defining all the fonts))
May 25 2016 20:16
@jacobbogers I would say they looks even 60's... psychedelic... good luck! Still interested in knowing more about your ideas on statistics you proposed to Quincy. Some psychedelic statistics are also allowed as long as they are cool...
Jacob Bogers
May 25 2016 20:22
well the game is from the 70's? I am not sure they had these displays in the 60's
you need to give that retro
Let me finnish simon ok? I dont want to get too much distracted 5 cm before I cross the certification finnish line))
I am glad you like it