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May 2016
May 27 2016 00:48
that book looks it should keep you off the street ...
May 27 2016 05:33
Hi~ How to get the API key for FreeCodeCamp API?:cat2:
May 27 2016 08:42
@emilaasa I was looking at openlayers... nice API! Thanks for sharing... thinking about FCC data I cannot suggest anything but very easy projects for mapping... the most advanced one was the @samosale project using three.js... is this something that would suit your needs anyway? That would be great to have a map about FCC data in openlayers....
@jd615645 the FCC API is available but unfortunately not working.
@bitgrower which book?
May 27 2016 08:42
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May 27 2016 15:09
@emilaasa we could think together in any other data source... I could help you to get the data and pre-processing, and you would focus on rendering...

A typical project is distribution of threatened species. I already downloaded some data about amphibian for a d3.js I wanted to prepare... I didn't download a feature that included coordinates of last reported capture (in reality there is much more, but those refer to scientific expeditions...).

We could just make a map and check distribution. I have a friend who also worked on simple modelling of distribution based on those maps...

May 27 2016 15:14
This is a kind of typical project though...
@emilaasa depends on your interest... it could be business related data, for example... or geological... etc...
Emil Aasa
May 27 2016 18:05
@evaristoc Yo! Sounds cool. I am up for anything! The only thing I really need practice with is using angular 2 for the frame and openlayers for showing some data
Some kind of field-app could also be cool to do if you got some project that needs data-collection.
May 27 2016 18:16
Nice!!! Let's think quickly at something! Let's try something together then.
Emil Aasa
May 27 2016 18:35
I'll scaffold an ng2 app with a big fat openlayers component now
You figure out something intelligent to put in it :D
May 27 2016 18:48
May 27 2016 20:38
Hi everyone, is data from FCC survey aveliable online? :) I can not find it...