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Jul 2016
Sam Aiken
Jul 01 2016 01:04 UTC

wondering if the final project is already in production somewhere?

@evaristoc, not yet. You will know that asap, because Quincy will definitely make a big announcement once the website is released.

Alice Jiang
Jul 01 2016 20:01 UTC
Does anyone have any experience with D3 V4? I can't get my zoom to zoom
Jacob Bogers
Jul 01 2016 20:16 UTC
D3 v4?
when did that come out?
Alice Jiang
Jul 01 2016 20:17 UTC
3 days ago :laughing:
That explains why I can't find any examples yet...
For what it's worth, it's easier to pick up than what I remember from "learning" v3, and other than zoom not working (which is almost definitely all on me) it's all well groovy :+1:
Philip Durbin
Jul 01 2016 20:24 UTC
neat. didn't know it was out
Alice Jiang
Jul 01 2016 20:33 UTC
Yeah I didn't realize it was so new while I've been working on this project, then looking at the repo now I'm seeing how new it is and considering rolling back to V3 until V4 has aged a bit.