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Aug 2016
Quincy Larson
Aug 06 2016 08:43
@Lightwaves indeed. Let's get the party re-started! :confetti_ball:
@/all Has anyone read any cool data science articles recently?
Here's one from Foursquare measuring the traffic to Trump-owned hotels and casinos since his presidential campaign started:
Koustuv Sinha
Aug 06 2016 09:07
@QuincyLarson nice article. its crazy what you can do with footsteps data, although it poses a question of privacy
Arijit Layek
Aug 06 2016 11:54
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Aug 06 2016 22:22

Thanks fort link Quincy! I like the idea of just using that data to make the predictions as they are doing, definitively! Just ignoring the political context here, just the ability to get information about gender, for example, is very interesting...

Yes people, and talking about BIG DATA...

I am still in my quest trying to answer what the role that nodejs could be in the future. And even though there are at the moment a few well settled technologies to manipulate big data as fast and furious as possible, like Scala, or other ones that are promising to become the next queen, like erlang-likes, there are those who oppose the views of the skeptist ones who believe that Javascript won't have room in the Big Data circles by wondering: "Hey, why not?". If not, just check the following video.

45min long, showing an unfinished product, and maybe not that entertaining, BUT with a brave perspective that could be pioneering a possible breakthrough (you never know...).


  • When asked for the advantages of using nodejs and JS instead of Java or any other technology, the speaker responded that one of the simplest advantages is that you won't have to use any intermediate technology to render in JS if required. If JS remains one of the main technologies of the future web (you never know...) well, that minimal advantage could be useful. Did you know that Red Hat was already eliminating many of the intermediate faces to support JS-fullstack? (I didn't either, it is what they said in the video so I can't confirm...).
  • Project to follow...: a Spark contender:
Aug 06 2016 22:36

Another of my interests have been real time data collection. I got my first introduction to reactive extensions about 2 years ago in a python meetup and I fell in love. Remind you that I am not a programmer, so my love for them has been just platonic, unfortunately...

However, I just recently met Streams in nodejs and started to find nodejs more wow than before. Things start getting clear... And then I was revisiting the concepts about reactive extensions just few minutes ago and guess!? Did you know that there is a STRONG relationship between Streams and Reactive Extensions???!!!!

Below a beautiful answer in stackoverflow, explaining the relationship...

This love gets less and less platonic with the time...

Eric Leung
Aug 06 2016 23:02
@QuincyLarson cool or scary, depending on your perspective, it looks like Uber has observed that if you cell phone is on low battery when you call a car, you'll more likely to order a more expensive car Not sure if you've highlighted this yet but somewhat data science related. I think other companies have also mentioned they can use this data in interesting ways.