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Aug 2016
Aug 07 2016 00:57

@erictleung I saw that and I had both that interesting/scary vibe from that.

I remember what really freaked me out was this

Just how much information you can get from just email metadata.

Eric Leung
Aug 07 2016 06:55
@Lightwaves oh wow :worried: I didn't see that article but that's also creepy/cool. Probably more cool in this case because you can see what info is on you.
Quincy Larson
Aug 07 2016 06:58
@erictleung thanks for sharing that insight. So basically, show people who have low batteries more expensive options more prominently? Not the most benevolent use of data science :)
Aug 07 2016 06:58
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Alice Jiang
Aug 07 2016 08:14
Smart business move though. There's a need that they're filling and the more desperate a need is, the more you can get away charging for your services
Something someone in the main FCC channel shared with me recently is this series on Machine Learning which I've been loving so far
Alice Jiang
Aug 07 2016 08:21
And I've been working through this series from Berkeley on edX teaching Machine Learning with Spark (using Python) and it's been a fun challenge. Not too much hand-holding, which is a problem I've had with Microsoft's Data Science curriculum so far
Aug 07 2016 09:58

Sorry guys,

Adding this reference about chat summarising: some specialists talking about it in another chatroom ( :) )

@erictleung hmmm... I am sure is an accident... I am sure Uber wouldn't do that on purpose ( :) )
@Lightwaves yea... better not to share private data definitively... this is why I am really glad that Quincy is implementing a security section in FCC...
Eric Leung
Aug 07 2016 14:52

@QuincyLarson @evaristoc @Lightwaves another interesting use of machine learning: solving US's police violence issue.

Before finishing the article, I initially was impressed and thought this would be a good thing but then thought more about the culture/social implications of machines telling us we'll do wrong in the future. Possibly one step away from the Minority Report :worried:

But then this made me feel a little better :smile:

“I would not want any of those to be automated,” he says. “As long as there is a human in the middle starting a conversation with them, we’re reducing the chance for things to go wrong.”