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Aug 2016
Aug 12 2016 12:04


Big Data for the NGO sector and FCC:

(@CodeNonprofit ? @QuincyLarson ? )

I know FCC is an organisation which main objective is providing the minimal but most important requirements to become a webdev. However it seems that with the increasing importance of Big Data technologies the pressure on a webdev to have a minimum Big Data knowledge in his/her repertoire could become an asset.


how to connect the FCC main mission (helping NGO's) with the use of Big Data? Are there opportunities where FCC campers could have some exposure to those technologies in the future?

A few weeks ago a friend who works in the Logistics Department of the Dutch office of Medicins Sans Frontiers (Doctors Without Borders) confessed me that he was taking a course in Data Science at Coursera. The reason? There is a growing interest in that NGO to incorporate Data Science methods and Big Data technology in their current work flow.

The rationale behind the interest of an organisation like Doctor Without Borders to incorporating Big Data technology is the same as that one of the Red Cross and many other organisations working in the Disaster Management sector: trying to find ways to manage a small staff with few resources to be correctly deployed on critical areas around the world responding to events that are hard to predict (although, actually, they are becoming more common with the time...).

I was recalling my conversation after finding the following article, dated 2013:

Perhaps these are not the best examples for someone who is just starting to learn coding, but I think there will be more interesting cases in the future. Don't think FCC should be working on that necessarily, probably not, but... who knows... :)