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Aug 2016
Farooq Abdul Rehman
Aug 20 2016 04:44
I want to know how many people joined fcc are from Pakistan?
Quincy Larson
Aug 20 2016 04:44
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@/all Our latest piece of open data: the results of our forum survey!

Here's the Google form summary data.

we also have a single open response question. Here's the full dataset:

August Forum survey.csv

Would anyone be interested in using natural language processing to determine the most common types of feedback?

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Aug 20 2016 11:03

@FarooqAR Welcome to FCC!

FCC don't collect direct data about country of origin I am afraid... Making an approximation using Google Analytics data it seems that there were less than 200 people from Pakistan during the last 30 days (hope this doesn't discourage you to continue...). Do you have an idea of the reasons that could explain those low numbers of Pakistani users?

Checking Google Analytics data I also observed a peak in the number of new Pakistani users few days ago. Wondering:

  • Are you new to FCC?
  • How did you hear about it?

Just to see if you are part of that peak and why the peak...

Aug 20 2016 18:19

Continuing with the analyses on the StackOverf Survey as suggested by @QuincyLarson: do you really want to work remote? Become a hacker (52% of hackers admitted working remotely). All the rest worked mostly on-place. Do you prefer by all means the security of the premises? Then become a QA specialist or an Embedded Application Developer: you might end between the 81% percent of employers that work on those conditions...

IMPORTANT OBSERVATION: This is UP TO DATE information: we don't know how this will be in then next... 5 years? Probably less... So @QuincyLarson: you might want to write that article quickly :)

Aug 20 2016 19:57
Aug 20 2016 20:02

Before going out, a quick view of the proportions of IT workers who usually go remote, per occupation. As induced by previous data, hackers (the most) and executives are more prone to work remote. Some creative positions also might enjoy that advantage. It appears that the more you get into hard abstract activities, or the more the responsibility is to respond to short calls due to the nature of the job or the more your work has to do with centralised resources, the higher the chance you will have to work in a premise...

At least that could be the current situation...

THE DATA IS NOT NORMALISED... I didn't verify the sample sizes so this is a very quick approximation for now...

Kristin Drysdale
Aug 20 2016 22:53
Just popping in real quick to say WOW! Really cool studies happening! Can't wait to read the final cuts! <3