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Aug 2016
Eric Leung
Aug 27 2016 05:48
@ankit31894 mmm @evaristoc might have some stats on it, but I don't know if it is public.
Someone's trying to predict the GitHub popularity with a multiple linear regression! Unfortunately, it isn't clear to me what their predictors/independent variables are in their model :worried: Anyways, FreeCodeCamp was mentioned for having the most stars :smile:
Aug 27 2016 08:08

@krisgesling hmmmm... Don't see any reason why on my side... but it is their decision...
@Lightwaves Good point!
@erictleung :+1: ! I will check...
@ankit31894: FCC collects stats but some are scattered, usually in aggregates. For example:

  • people joined, challenges they did: check About page of FCC website
  • time they took: I wrote an article that it is on medium, 6 month old and only some of the challenges in the existing curriculum of that time

Sorry if this doesn't help...

Michael D. Johnson
Aug 27 2016 16:26
@krisgesling Thanks for the update, Kris. This just goes to show how painfully the nonprofit sector needs open data.
Aug 27 2016 16:26
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