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Sep 2016
Alice Jiang
Sep 19 2016 03:57
@evaristoc that's awesome! I'm going to have to look into that some more.
As for the music thing, still a lot of research to do but I appreciate everyone's input and will definitely have a look at everything everyone's talked about so far. I'm still just a baby Datamancer so this is going to be quite the learning experience for me, I'm sure ;)
@evaristoc the size is a concern, especially when I have almost 2TB of music people have offered me to help, but in the early stages while I'm still determining if it's within my capabilities to do I'm less concerned about hardware, and plan to keep everything really small until I can even figure out if I know what I'm doing.
Sep 19 2016 09:35
@alicejiang1 : :+1: !
Sep 19 2016 21:10

I'd like to learn about data science. Could you, please, reffer me what should I read and/or watch (prefferably freely available) to get from (nearly) 0 in this domain to as high of a level as possible?

Sidenote: I'm a programmer, and my favorite languages for web are php, mysql, html, css, js. Level: Between Junior (lack of hands-on experience) and Intermediate (theoretical easily-appliable knowledge).

Eric Leung
Sep 19 2016 21:56

@sapioit hi there! It'll depend on what you hope to do in data science? If you have a specific application you'd like to work on (e.g. text mining, speech analysis, image recognition, etc), then it'll be easier to focus your efforts.

However, I would generally recommend this free book, An Introduction to Statistical Learning. It goes over statistical methods of data science high enough level for people to understand to be useful, but not too low that you get caught in too much math.

Sep 19 2016 23:25

Well, I know that having data to analyse is important, I know that analysing those data is more important, but I also know that the most important is that knowing what metrics to use is the most important thing.

I'm planing to either be in the leading council, the CEO or the owner of a startup-company which would probably start as a one-man-startup, and being a pmultipotentialist]( I'm not fond with letting people do things I have (absolutely) no idea of, so I would need to know what data to visualize and to use to optimise the startup (could be a non-startup business, as well) in order for it to not fail, to say the least.

It's (relatively) easy to get the data and making a few graphs, but the most important thing is to have the right metrics for those data.

Thanks for the free e-book!
Sep 19 2016 23:31

But, honestly, I don't like reading books without already have in-depth knowledge of the subject.
Having a few video tutorials to start with would be ideal. I find it easier to learn stuff that way. Or through Medium posts (since they tend to respect the Signel Responsibility principle, and tend to get a lot better organised than their books equivalent by having easy-to-understnad explainations, images and they tend to be short (relatively).
Philip Durbin
Sep 19 2016 23:35
the death of the book
Sep 19 2016 23:38
For better or worse...
I feel like themost books would have a lot to learn from the Medium posts... or, maybe, I just read the wrong books...
What can I say, I belive in dummyproofing...
Eric Leung
Sep 19 2016 23:45
@sapioit in that case, here's a YouTube playlist of the authors of that book I mentioned explaining the concepts in the book :smile:
Sep 19 2016 23:46
I also belive in time-waste-proofing
Up to the level that I tend to be pragmatic myself...
15 hours? That's... a surprisingly small amount of time...
Thank you very much!
I guess the next thing in line, after I'm done with this, or while I take a break from it, would be Artificial Inteligence. If you have any suggestions, I'm listening/reading.
Eric Leung
Sep 19 2016 23:52
@sapioit mmm well AI and machine learning are closely related. Nonetheless, I've found this professor and his course to explain topics very well.