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Sep 2016
Sep 20 2016 00:00
Eric Leung
Sep 20 2016 00:19
@sapioit good luck!
Sep 20 2016 00:21
Thank you very much!
Sep 20 2016 00:58
If someone else wants to give me materials, feel free to do that.
Sep 20 2016 01:08
I found this video to explain very well the importance of using the right metrics... amongst other things:
Alice Jiang
Sep 20 2016 01:47
@sapioit if you have an edX account they have a bunch of introductory courses on data science there for free if you don't want verified certificates
There is also Big Data University by IBM which I haven't spent any time on but it's all self paced and looks like it could be a good place to start.
And also here. A few people who visit regularly and some less regularly who all know lots of stuff and are always very happy to help where they can
Sep 20 2016 02:46

Thanks! I have an edX account... I completly forgot about it... but what I'm looking for is not necesarely introductions into a domain, but at some growth-hacking which could get me kinda-know-it up to a higher level, so I can then start from the beginning, knowing what those things would be used for.

I sometimes (incrementally increasing over time, it seems) have problems understanding something if I don't understand it's purpose. For example, in this medium post it first shows an example of before, then it explains what the purpose is and how to apply it, then shows an after, and from this, either repeat with the after as the before and continue evolving, or end there and start something different.

(I just happened to have that link at hand, in a notepad, saved about a week ago...)