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Sep 2016
Hèlen Grives
Sep 22 2016 11:01
@Aldnoah physics is about curiosity! You need to know what you want to search for, what phenomenon you can imagine, combinations, influences, processes. But as always the themes may not be interesting to you. As for me I do not like business metrics for now. But I like physics processes that can help me imagine new things about large interecting structures/agents etc. Lets put it different. With all the metrics in place. Amazon has not yet confinced me to go shopping with them. That is what I find interesting about a possible phenomena in DS. The grey, messy areas.
Sep 22 2016 14:13
@mesmoiron , you're right, it does take some curiosity to do physics, but I'm afraid after 7 years of study, I've all but lost that curiosity. I'm going to continue learning about DS to see if there's any set of data that will light a fire under me.. Who knows, but maybe a course in computer science will invigorate me more...
Hèlen Grives
Sep 22 2016 17:46
@Aldnoah go for change. I get my inspirations from all the stuff that I find annoying, question or would do different. After 7 years of study you must have come accross something. Dig deep!