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Oct 2016
Oct 04 2016 07:58
Hi people,
A link from a company that works with topic analysis as one of its activities and how they use it:
Hèlen Grives
Oct 04 2016 13:46
@evaristoc cool I think I going to get a downloadReport- mail-address. Companies love to bug you for mail addresses for every interesting report. Asking one time for a mail is ok, but 10 times gets annoying. #searchMemoirs ;-)
Koustuv Sinha
Oct 04 2016 19:00
anybody here collected Gitter chat logs for fcc channels anytime? would like to work on that data. ping me if you have one! :)
Philip Durbin
Oct 04 2016 19:28
@koustuvsinha maybe you can try downloading them via the Gitter API.
Koustuv Sinha
Oct 04 2016 19:30
hey @pdurbin ! i did actually download some of them via the api a year back, but since then lost my code. i know i can just write it up again, just that some of the channels have been archived here so thought there might have been some archiving work done already by @evaristoc or others here
Philip Durbin
Oct 04 2016 19:34
@koustuvsinha please do publish your code