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Oct 2016
Manuel Martin
Oct 05 2016 00:26 UTC
If someone is willing and able to help me out understand how to work an api please pm me
Albert Jonathan
Oct 05 2016 11:46 UTC
:o I haven't visited this group for a while, and it seems that you guys are having a heavy discussion.
Oct 05 2016 13:11 UTC


Online Education Market and Web Development: Another example

I have already mentioned in the past the possible increase in market opportunities for E-learning Platform projects in different areas, according to previous market researches. Much of this growth could be seen in training for the private sector - professional training.

An example that it is in the agenda of presentations of a meetup I am attending tonight, which is also using graph databases and Angular2:

The project combines e-learning with in-place training.

Eric Leung
Oct 05 2016 21:33 UTC
People interested in learning or stretching out your R programming skills, you can checkout these exercises