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Oct 2016
Oct 12 2016 13:40
@alicejiang1 :+1:
Oct 12 2016 13:47


The aforementioned workshop was REALLY productive, almost a class to understand basic Neural Networks, with a lot of feedback and me lucky to get into a very good team (everyone in teams of 3), with lots of good questions and contributions. It was more than just to go through the exercise.

I am in position to help you out with this one, so let me know if you will give it a go.

Next Meetup...

The people organising that meetup are preparing another one in a form of a hackathon. I already managed to know the topic ( ;) ), so I will be studying for that day. The next time we will do some convolutional nn.

A book...

One person in my team was using this book: Pattern Recognition and Machine Learning by C. M. Bishop. Although topic-based, it seemed a very good book with a lot about neural networks.

Eric Leung
Oct 12 2016 22:01
@evaristoc I've used that book. Another math heavy book but I think it is good at laying out the foundations of statistics in the beginning. I didn't know this but the author, Chris Bishop, works at Microsoft Apparently, he's a physicist by training! From his Microsoft page, he links to an online solution manual and also a third party MatLab implementation of many of the algorithms in his book.