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Oct 2016
Oct 13 2016 06:34
Hmmm... I think I going to buy it... a bit expensive and apparently not as updated but according to some reviews in reddit it has been for a while the reference book in that area....
@erictleung thanks!
Oct 13 2016 06:34
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Oct 13 2016 07:36
@erictleung About writing your own Linear Algebra library: just go and get Code the Matrix. The book is just about it. It is in python. I remember you said you knew some python but even if you don't, if you have some programming basis that would be enough.
Hèlen Grives
Oct 13 2016 08:08
@erictleung :+1: will check that out. There is an explosion of tutorials now, and lots of data scientist that give courses. When I started I was just happy to find one or two courses on Coursera. This is also a guidance that I've found:
@evaristoc I believe Chris Bishop has now a successful restaurant. I think I got that book too