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Oct 2016
Oct 19 2016 09:57 UTC
@alicejiang1 how was it?? How was the pizza?? Did they publish the video already?
Alice Jiang
Oct 19 2016 13:54 UTC
I couldn't find the video last night, I'll have another look today. It was good! Some interesting perspectives... I didn't have any pizza because there were a lot of people sticking their hands in the boxes and it made me feel a bit germophobic.
Alice Jiang
Oct 19 2016 14:08 UTC
Alright, I found the video but it's only the first ten minutes. The steam cut off early because the mics weren't working so you couldn't hear anything on the stream.
Oct 19 2016 18:22 UTC
Artur Arsalanov
Oct 19 2016 19:00 UTC
Hi there! please advice me some basic resources on data science!
Eric Leung
Oct 19 2016 21:01 UTC
@kurumkan what's your background in? Are you a beginner? Do you know statistics? That'll help guide us to determine what "best" means for you.
Eric Leung
Oct 19 2016 23:13 UTC
@kurumkan there was a recent Medium article on data science you could check out.