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Oct 2016
Oct 22 2016 04:50
hi everyone im new to this webpage and to Git can someone show me how to fix the issue i get . whenevr i push the changes to github i get massage that rejected
i did git clone
git pull all didnt work
Hèlen Grives
Oct 22 2016 06:28
@Wafaaya can you tell which url you where cloning? Git has some of a learning curve. This channel is primarily for data science. You can pm me; however I am very irregular at my laptop. Anyway check the commands: git status, check username, password, the branch. Check if your initial setup is correct.
Jean Baptiste Kwizera
Oct 22 2016 08:01
Hello World
Oct 22 2016 08:01

welcome to FreeCodeCamp @jbkwizera!

Jean Baptiste Kwizera
Oct 22 2016 08:03
I am interested in Networking, Cybersecurity (goes along with Hacking)...what skills do you think would be best?
I also like Machine Learning/AI, patterns and stuff like that?
Oct 22 2016 14:32
@Wafaaya check up your login credentials once and if the problem still persists, you can PM me. hope it helps
Oct 22 2016 21:36


Learning Theory Visualization

Getting a bit interested in that, particularly Social Learning Theory. Here the viz for those interested :