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Oct 2016
Hèlen Grives
Oct 25 2016 04:19 UTC
Somewhere in 1994 or so I order a very expensive e-learning software; probably the first ever from US; and I knew it was coming since 1986. Technology does not travel that fast. I am happy to see some of the explosion. And then the floppy disks became obsolete. I have been free learning since kindergarten. It's in my DNA.
Hèlen Grives
Oct 25 2016 04:32 UTC
That said sometimes you learn that the answer solves it self. I had thought deeply about how to move established publishers into the right direction. But concluded they where too bulky, expensive and had the wrong mindset. So my website never came alive. Years later I learned the term disruptive and recognized the mindsets that had the advantage of time and resources. Adaptation and transformation are important in evolution and change. The most important lesson is to start, tinker and trust that eventually evolution solves the problem. If people say it can't be done or think only about obstacles I just think whatever. However now that knowledge goes fast; with limited resources it is also hard to enter as it is much easier to buy into an idea with money to blow. So data science is also about how to turn too complex questions into something you can handle on your own. My bucket list is huge😀😱
Alice Jiang
Oct 25 2016 05:50 UTC
I just started a book I found in my brother's room that he had to read for his stats class called Naked Statistics by Charles Wheelan. I'm not far into it but my brother loved it so I thought I'd give it a read and recommend it here. It says its purpose is to explain why statistics matters, as opposed to how to statistics, and so far has been pretty good.
Sidney Kim
Oct 25 2016 05:55 UTC
Apparently, he likes something naked a lot. haha. Thanks for the recommendation! @alicejiang1
Oct 25 2016 05:56 UTC
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Alice Jiang
Oct 25 2016 19:27 UTC
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