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Nov 2016
Alice Jiang
Nov 05 2016 01:08
Never said I didn't :)
Nov 05 2016 01:11
Nov 05 2016 03:18
When are we expecting to have Data Visualization related courses/ videos to be added to FCC course ?
Jean Baptiste Kwizera
Nov 05 2016 07:16
Hi everyone. I am interested in data science and spefically in cybersecurity (my guess is it's kinda related to data science). What are the best skills to learn? [I am planning to take a class called "math of cryptography". Also not sure whether cryptography is related to data science?]
Nov 05 2016 10:16
Nov 05 2016 16:16

@jbkwizera FCC deployment is behind schedule largely because lack of human resources. Remember that all people are volunteering and a lot of the contributors are busy with other stuff. But I can confirm that the d3 visualization section is almost ready for production and looks good in my opinion.

@jbkwizera this is not the only area been (re)built. There is a bunch of them and I can guarantee that the content looks much more better, specially for the most advanced sections of the curriculum.

Stay connected.

@jbkwizera Meanwhile, try this for free during a limited time:

I just finished it. It goes fast, better if you have at least some previous knowledge, I found it more a complement to clarify some stuff than a course on its own. It is very basic too and sometimes confusing specially because it mix up ES5 and ES6 a bit. But it might work for you?

Nov 05 2016 16:23
@jbkwizera the FCC d3 section will be entirely ES6 d3 v4.