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Nov 2016
Emil Aasa
Nov 07 2016 05:31
egghead just published a basic d3 tutorial which seems thorough
Hèlen Grives
Nov 07 2016 12:46
Just a side note about Stackoverflow. How can one build a reputation if almost all questions are already being asked? For such recommander system it pays to be an early adapter. Or am I wrong? I use the site much, but find it hard to do something useful as a beginner. (just pondering about algoritms behind such behavior)
Nov 07 2016 12:54
@mesmoiron Try answering questions that have low traffic tags
For example, I used to try to answer general python questions, but those questions usually get 5 answers within ten seconds of being posted, so I started looking at more specific tags within python, such as jupyter notebook, numpy, etc.
Md. Shihab Uddin
Nov 07 2016 20:06
what is the best way to do Data science projects
Is there a best or starter book for someone who already worked as a software developer for 4-5 years
Nov 07 2016 20:45
@msuworld Complete some of the courses on Udacity for preparing your base....then there are tons of project available on Kaggle