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Nov 2016
Alice Jiang
Nov 18 2016 07:26 UTC
@evaristoc The Azure meetup was yesterday but it's finally below freezing temperatures here (snow :'( ) and I didn't pack enough warm clothes so I stayed home. From what I can tell, though, it was more about Java than Azure so I don't think I'd have got what I wanted out of it :(
Ankit Gaurav
Nov 18 2016 09:41 UTC
Hello Channel. Can anyone please give me the Open Data API key. I want to utilize the data to make an app for camper motivation.
Thanks in advance
Hèlen Grives
Nov 18 2016 15:08 UTC
@evaristoc thanks I'll keep that one in mind. Yes an asynchronous meeting (Coursera mooc)
Nov 18 2016 15:08 UTC
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