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Nov 2016
Nov 21 2016 04:44
Has anybody read Naked Statistics? Also, did you manage to find a pdf for it?
Hèlen Grives
Nov 21 2016 06:53
@Chaitya62 I am working my way through Harvard CS109 2015. It's on github. I really like the clearity of the course. I enjoy it very much. If you are totally new to programming I suggest Coursera Mooc Python for text analysis. Very fun to do. Every course unlocks somehow different tidbits of knowledge. Untill now I haven't found the holy grail. But then that is the most interesting part good teachers come in various formats. I have found many of them to be no formal teachers at all. Google is your friend at least mine :-) It helps to become better at asking questions in order to find the deeper embedded knowledge.
@rahls7 No, but there are many statistical books out there, that can be found. Also many open source.
Hèlen Grives
Nov 21 2016 07:02
If anyone has a good source of 'transforming unstructured data' please give me a hint. I am focussing on the skills how to minimal structure unstructured data and it's process. I did my first google search on the topic. Untill now OCR has been very slow with lots of errors especially because I will be testing the Dutch language. The treasure throve is usually that what is not easily accessible. So I have to come up with a strategy to collect it. As for now I am thinking graph databases because I actually found graph theory remarkable feminine in its approach of thought. But I have never worked with it...exciting :fire: adventure.
Nov 21 2016 07:11
@mesmoiron look into "knowledge discovery", it might help
The book "knowledge discovery for counterterrorism and law enforcement" is also really handy but whether it applies to your circumstances, I don't know
Alice Jiang
Nov 21 2016 19:24
@rahls7 I don't know where to find a PDF, but I have read it and it's amazing! If you can afford a copy, it is well worth the investment