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Nov 2016
Hèlen Grives
Nov 23 2016 00:50
@rahis7 I will do a search in my pdf list and let you know.
Has anyone suggestions on a good laptop/pc for datascience. The specs. I am a bit out of the current state of machines. i5/7 maybe graphics card. My last 64GB laptop was a disappointment. Overheated fan problems. It died prematurely.
Chaitya Shah
Nov 23 2016 04:05
Make sure it has Nvidia so you can use Tensorflow
Hèlen Grives
Nov 23 2016 11:53
@Chaitya62 my first glance was very interesting
Hèlen Grives
Nov 23 2016 12:03
@rahls7 OpenIntro Statistics is one of them