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Dec 2016
Alice Jiang
Dec 01 2016 00:50
Figured it out I think... It works but I have no clue what I actually did...
Alice Jiang
Dec 01 2016 01:21
That's a lie, I know. When you're data is in a variable in the script you're working in, you don't need to have D3 make a call for it externally. Duh.
Dec 01 2016 01:42
JT Wright
Dec 01 2016 05:45
Was told that the API is an on hold project so itll be around next year or so
Kapil Dutta
Dec 01 2016 14:30
Hey DataScience, I'm doing this anonymous 2 minute survey for people learning frontend development on their own. You can see all the results yourself at the end of your submission. Received close 200 responses till now. Thought you might find the data mildly interesting
If you have any suggestions for improvements, do let me know
Hèlen Grives
Dec 01 2016 16:21
@duttakapil Thank you; I think you also gave me an alternative for survey monkey that will save me lots of work. :+1: Done!
Dec 01 2016 16:21
mesmoiron sends brownie points to @duttakapil :sparkles: :thumbsup: :sparkles:
:star2: 1499 | @duttakapil |
Dec 01 2016 21:01
@a-2252 Hope I am not late... It should be a library for that... the best known is Shiny...
Dec 01 2016 21:09
@duttakapil Good questions! Can you show your preliminary results here please?
Dec 01 2016 21:30


Meetup Today: Advances in IoT and the New Society

Today I attended a meetup about strategic MS's Azure Hubs. The MS model for Azure is getting complex but powerful. It seems that MS plan is to offer large capabilities within strategically defined hubs of services oriented to an ecosystem of specific products.

One of those hubs is Events: a telemetry oriented hub for supporting devices remotely. The other one is Analytics & IoT, which is about taking data from the device and analyse it.

When used together the possibilities are huge. With one, the data is captured through remote systems. With the other one, the data is analysed. The data could be used for a particular action:

  • Control of the conditions the device is monitoring.
  • Controlling the device itself (eg. maintenance).

The impacts, and in particular the social impacts, could be huge, with advantages and disadvantages. Eg. again, this would replace the need of specialists to monitor on those devices, or at least would encourage remote centralisation, rendering on-site human resources less relevant.

The impact of devices controlling themselves could have strong benefits, the human resource is less and less needed under this kind of society (if it realise and become sustainable). Here a impressive video about what the use of this devices for IoT could do. When watching, think about what for technician you will need to carry out the task. Good? Bad? Just different? And the payroll, how the company will consider the new personnel?

Dec 01 2016 21:40

I am bringing this kind of discussions to the forum. I will be hasting them "#DS: " and a title. Join me by encouraging Data Science discussions in the forum, and not forget to use the #DS !!
Alice Jiang
Dec 01 2016 22:07
@evaristoc rstudio recently came out with R markdown which lets you combine a bunch of languages all in one file. I got it to work :)